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Common Questions

  1. Is AdWords right for my business?

ChemIndex Ad words

Reach chemical buyers when they are actively looking for the chemicals you are selling, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering.

The advantages:

Focused readership: Our visitors are actively engaged in the chemical business. Your ad on ChemIndex is directed to the right audience.

Targeted message: You tell which keywords you want to target. Your ad is shown to visitors interested in the products you have in mind.

Easy to get started: Just sign up as a member and login on You ad will be ready in 2 simple steps.

Simple to manage: There is no complicated method of calculating your bill. No need to track your ad daily to see if it's still there. Simply pay a small annual fee and your ad will be there.

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Features of ChemIndex Keyword Ads

For each of your ads, you'll need to tell us four things:

  1. The keyword: this is the keyword you want to target. It can be a phrase. Your ad will be shown in the returning page if a visitor searches products on ChemIndex use a matching keyword.

  2. The ad text: this is a short and concise message you want to deliver.

  3. A url: this is the location of the web page the visitor will be directed to upon clicking your ad.

  4. Fee level: you can choose the amount you'll pay for the ad. The fee level also decide the relative position of your ad if there are several advertisers for the same keyword. Higher fee level means better position.

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